How to Write a Timeless Engagement Toast

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Leaving a newly engaged couple beaming (maybe even shedding a tear or two) after delivering a heartfelt engagement toast is such an impactful part of their experience. And while it may seem like the pressure is on once you’ve been identified as a key part of the wedding, you don’t have to worry about your speech being a blunder as long as you plan and rehearse in advance. 

Meet the Expert

Marsha-Ann Donaldson-Brown is the director of romance and weddings at Sandals Resorts, a collection of all-inclusive properties in the Caribbean.

Below, we've gathered engagement toast tips detailed by the director of romance and weddings at Sandals Resorts, Marsha-Ann Donaldson-Brown. Follow her guidance and soar high with your meaningful words, when the time comes to raise a glass to the happy couple.

It's All in the Details

Start with who you are and how you know the newly engaged couple. “Give a bit of your history with the couple but remember that you are not the subject of the speech,” advises Donaldson-Brown. “If you are friends or family with one half of the couple, be sure to address both halves of the pair. Speak to their relationship and the love they share, tell everyone a short story about how they met, and toast with all the enthusiasm and warmth to the wonderful future they have ahead of them.”

End your toast with a nod of positivity and all the beautiful moments to come. An engagement is the opening act of an exciting period of life and the beginning of their new chapter together, so make sure to capture that sentiment in your toast.

Relate to Everybody in the Room

Ensure that your speech resonates with everyone in the room, not just the couple, and not just the people in your generation. Donaldson-Brown recommends that it is always a good idea to include some timeless notions of love and partnership, ideas that are relatable for every person in that room, regardless of relationship status. This is a time when people from all stages of life come together to celebrate a brand-new beginning for a happy couple. 

Speak from the Heart

If public speaking or emotional speeches make you nervous, embrace that. It’s okay to be nervous and it’s ok to tell everyone you are nervous. “It’s a good ice breaker that will help you relax and remember that it’s not a performance,” says Donaldson-Brown. “I advise you to plan a rough idea of what you want to say, but don’t stick to an overly rehearsed, robotic speech. Go in with a plan and speak from the heart, making it flow naturally.”

Start Brainstorming

  • Think about what you’re most excited about for this new experience. “Are you looking forward to seeing the couple grow together?” says Donaldson-Brown. “Are you excited to meet their family and loved ones throughout the whole nuptials process?”
  • Be genuine! “What would you want someone to say about your love if the roles were reversed?” asks Donaldson-Brown. “How do you feel when you spend time with this couple? How do they complement each other as a pair? It’s all about authenticity.”

An Engagement Speech Example to Make Your Own

Here, Donaldson-Brown writes two hypothetical speeches for us. Either one could resonate with your style, persona, and personal feelings about the couple.

Example 1

“On behalf of everyone here, my heartfelt congratulations to you both on this very exciting and beautiful chapter in your lives. We are all here today celebrating you both as a couple and can hardly contain our excitement and joy. What a blessing that you have found one another, but I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we are even more blessed to know you as a pair. Seeing you two together, it is so clear that you were made for each other and the love you share is unmatched. Now, there is plenty more excitement to come in the months ahead, so know that we’re all here to support you, cheer you on, and celebrate the life you are building together —far beyond when you two say 'I do.' Congratulations again and cheers to your next chapter—make sure to live, love, and laugh your way through it all. Let’s raise a glass to the happy couple!”

Example 2

You’re engaged! And we couldn’t be more excited! Thank you to everyone for coming together today to celebrate this beautiful couple and their radiant love. From the moment these two met, we knew—we just sensed—that their worlds would eventually become one. Watching them grow together and complement one another over the years has been so wonderful, but the best is yet to come. You’re turning the page of your next chapter; in fact, you are going into a whole new dimension, and I know it will be one full of laughter, unspeakable joy, growth, and most importantly, love. So cheers to what's to come, and to a lifetime of happiness and prosperity for two people who truly deserve it and more. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this moment. We will continue to look through the kaleidoscope of your love.”


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