Prince Harry Gave Kate Middleton a Risqué Gag Gift During His Best Man Speech at Her and Prince William's Wedding

The Duke of Sussex presented his new sister-in-law with a cheeky (literally!) present that a royal fan from the United States had sent the bride.

Prince Harrys standing on stage and speaking into a microphone at Invictus Games

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After Kate Middleton and Prince William were pronounced husband and wife on April 29, 2011, the newlyweds joined their guests for a celebratory reception at Buckingham Palace. The party was filled with an outfit change from the bride, a mouthwatering menu, and a performance by Ellie Goulding. The festivities also featured a special moment from Prince Harry, when the groom’s brother delivered his best man speech. During his speech, the Duke of Sussex presented his new sister-in-law with a hysterical (and risqué) gift that made everyone in the room laugh—including Kate.

Kate Middleton and Prince William riding in a horse-drawn carriage on their wedding day

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In his tell-all memoir Spare, which was published in January 2023, Harry wrote about the speech that he made at William and Kate’s royal reception. The groom’s brother recalled that he mostly improvised the words he shared with the couple and their guests, noting that he primarily told tales from their childhood and other periods of their lives that were both humorous and touching. 

There was one particular story that stood out to everyone in the room. During his speech, Harry read letters that people from all around the world sent the royal bride and groom. One royal fan, who lived in the United States, wrote that he tried to capture 1,000 stoats (small animals related to weasels and otters) to create a special garment for Kate. The man explained that he only managed to catch two, which provided just enough fabric to create a small piece of clothing—a very furry thong. “Wedding guests, bemused and amused in equal measure at the story, were left even more shocked when Harry pulled the thong out from his pocket and brandished it in front of Kate,” The Mirror reported on October 1, 2023. 

According to the publication, everyone in the audience bursted into “fits of laughter” upon seeing the garment—and Kate also found the gag gift to be hilarious. Harry then mentioned that his and William’s mother, Princess Diana, would have loved witnessing their special day and watching her son’s relationship with Kate flourish. The Duke of Sussex also noted that Diana “would have enjoyed the thong joke,” The Mirror wrote.

In addition to the funny anecdote, Harry made sweet comments about his relationship with Kate. Harry told the audience that he loved his sister-in-law like one of his own family members and described Kate as the sister he never had, but always wanted. Based on his book, Harry also said in his best man speech that Kate was a perfect match for his brother and expressed his excitement that the Princess of Wales would stand by his brother’s side as his wife. Harry likewise added that he always enjoyed finding ways to make his sister-in-law laugh, especially by cracking jokes. 

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