You Can Officially Rent Princess Diana’s Childhood Home—and It’s the Perfect Venue for a Wedding

The Spencers’ mansion in England, Althorp House, just hit the rental market.

Princess Diana smiling and looking off to eat side in a pink suit

Tim Graham / Getty Images

Since your wedding venue is the backdrop of your special day, it plays a large role in setting the tone and shaping the overall look and feel of your affair. That’s why choosing the right spot to host it is an important step in the planning process. From rolling country hills to city rooftops, there are so many options to choose from. But if you've always envisioned a more regal party, there's a new royal venue to put on your radar: Princess Diana’s childhood home, Althorp House, just hit the rental market—and it sounds like the property is available to host weddings.

The Spencers’ family home, Althorp House, in the United Kingdom

Tim Graham / Getty Images

The Mirror reported on October 1, 2023, that the estate, which is located in West Northamptonshire, England, is available to rent on the upmarket property rental site Elysian Estates. Per the publication, Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer, posted the listing. Although the exact rental price isn’t disclosed, the outlet estimates that the cost of just one night at the mansion is probably tens of thousands of dollars. 

If you’re considering an upscale destination wedding with a tie to the royals, Althorp House checks all of the boxes. According to the listing, the site has several rooms that would accommodate a small- to medium-sized affair and provide enough space for multiple phases of your wedding weekend. For instance, the dining room has a maximum capacity of 140 people, the meeting room 200, and the reception room 250.

The website also mentions that up to 72 people can sleep in the home, so your immediate family and wedding party can stay overnight on the property for larger celebrations or your entire guest list can sleep in the estate if you’re throwing a smaller party. If you rent this mansion, it also comes with a private chef, drinks services, a luxury car hire, helicopter transfers, a pianist, and a fireworks show; all catering, transportation, music, and entertainment needs are also covered. Plus, there are on-site spa treatments available—which makes this spot the perfect retreat for brides who want to unwind before their big day (or recover after a late night of celebrating).

An aerial shot of Althorp house, the home of Princess Diana and the Spencer family

David Goddard / Getty Images

Although the listing offers a lot of amenities and services, there are a few elements that are off limits. For one, a visit to Diana’s grave, which sits on the property, is not permitted. Marie Claire reported that the grave has been kept private since Diana’s death in 1997. Because of this, the island in the middle of Oval Lake isn't available for use.

In addition to the offerings, Althorp has a grand exterior and lavish interior that would serve well as the main décor of your function. Plus, it sits on 13,000 acres in Northants, which is filled with nature. “To stay at Althorp is to become part of the amazing history of this magnificent property, renowned for its discreet yet spectacular history to guests, including royalty and aristocracy since 1508,” the listing says. Not only was the mansion a part of Lady Di’s story, but it was also the site of political meetings, courtly balls, and even a secret marriage, per the website.

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