13 Beautiful Vintage Wedding Cake Ideas

These confections are all an ode to the past.

White vintage wedding cake with piping.

Photo by Chad Wu Photography / Cake by Sweet Heather Anne

If you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding, you’re going to want a cake to match the vibe of your celebration. Luckily, a "vintage" theme spans a number of different decades, so the choices for wedding cake designs are endless.

“What is old becomes new again!” says Nicole Redd-McIntosh, owner of Nicole Bakes Cakes. “I think couples are looking back at family wedding photos, and using this style of wedding cake gives a great nod to that ‘something old’ in your wedding.”

Meet the Expert

  • Nicole Redd-McIntosh is the owner of Nicole Bakes Cakes, a boutique online bakery based in Los Angeles.
  • Heather Leavitt is the owner of Sweet Heather Anne, a boutique cake studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Because the term "vintage" can cover so many different time periods, with multiple interpretations, this style can be a fit for a wide range of aesthetics. “There is a certain whimsy to these designs that helps them to work for a variety of wedding styles,” says Heather Leavitt, owner of Sweet Heather Anne. “A classic white-on-white Lambeth cake would be perfect for someone throwing a timeless black tie event. The more playful designs are great for couples looking for a cake that looks delicious and is not overly fussy.” Ultimately, a vintage-inspired cake is a perfect fit for any wedding with a nod to retro.

Ready to find design inspiration for your wedding day sweet? Below, find 13 vintage wedding cake ideas.

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Go Mini

small vintage wedding cake

Photo and cake by Rose Vanilla

Hoping to make a vintage statement but don't need a ton of cake? This aesthetic certainly still fits a micro wedding or elopement. Order a single-tiered cake from your baker and ask for plenty of piped detailing.

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Look to Lace

lace wedding cake


Lace immediately evokes elegance, and that inspiration can be incorporated into a cake design. Nod to vintage with gorgeous piped detailing and just a touch of shimmer thanks to metallic and pearl nonpareil sprinkles.

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Opt for Opulence

blue vintage wedding cake with flowers

photo by Tylee Shay Photography; cake by sweet heather anne

According to Leavitt, this design was inspired by the early 1800s-based show Bridgerton. "I've seen a resurgence in sugar flowers and molded details, both of which we are here for," she says. Don't be afraid to go all out and choose an exquisite design such as this, with so many stunning details.

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Embrace Mid-Century Modern

mid-century modern wedding cake

photo by kape photography; cake by Zaida Marcos Sweet Boutique

Embrace the ingenuity of mid-century modern design. This pastel cake certainly made a statement at a Cancun wedding thanks to its two-toned color palette and artistic piped detailing.

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Embrace Nature

wedding cake with greenery and chamomile


While many vintage cakes feature buttercream detailing, we love the idea of playing with nature or flowers for an outdoor soiree. This three-tiered sweet featured simple sprigs of greenery and sprawling chamomile blooms, making the ideal inspiration for a 1970s or cottagecore vibe.

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Play With Pink

pink vintage cake

Photo by Angel Sheree Photography; cake by nicole bakes cakes

Display a cake that's oh so sweet. This design features Lambeth style piping in such a fun way. The addition of hearts and gilded cherries on top makes it that much more charming as it shines in pastel pink.

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Go for Gilded Age Glamour

gilded wedding cake

photo by k.r. moreno; cake by sweet heather anne

Adding a touch of gold with a stunning pattern immediately brings a design back to the Gilded Age. This is the perfect fit for a garden-style or glam, black-tie wedding.

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Choose a Bundt Cake

bundt wedding cake

PHOTO BY WE THE ROMANTICS; cake by nothing bundt cakes

Bundt cakes immediately evoke a 50s vibe. They're the perfect fit if you're looking for a smaller cake option with a nostalgic twist. Plus, you can still opt for just about any cake flavor and frosting and add a fun topper to match the personalities of you and your partner.

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Pair Piping and Flowers

vintage wedding cake with flowers

PHOTO BY SERGIO SANDONA; cake by mmm'azing bakes

Do you have a photo of the wedding cake served at your parent's wedding? Consider using that as inspiration! "It's nice to make a replica of their parents' or
grandparents' wedding cake as a link back to where your family began," says Redd-McIntosh. We love this design featuring the classic combination of all-white frosting, a touch of piped detailing, and beautiful blooms.

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Play With Pearls

pearled detailing on wedding cake


Pearls are so nostalgic, especially if you're incorporating pearl jewelry, specifically, into an ensemble. This cake design includes hundreds of mini white pearls, reminding us of that same elegant aesthetic.

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Wow With All-White

white piped vintage cake

photo by Chad Wu Photography; cake by sweet heather anne

Keep it classic with an all-white cake, but go all out with detailing. The Lambeth-style piping on this buttercream cake truly transforms it into a work of art.

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Go for Two-Tone

vintage piped wedding cake

photo by Shannon Moffit; cake by Maliha Creations

Vintage cakes, especially those pulling inspiration from the early 1900s, are all about intricately piped buttercream details to create depth and layers. To make that detailing stand out even further, consider pairing two different hues for a stunning look.

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Use Pottery as Inspiration

chinoiserie wedding cake


Chinoiserie dates back to the 1600s and 1700s. It's an art and design style rooted in European history and is most often featured on pottery. However, that inspiration can certainly be utilized for painting intricate blue details to pop against an otherwise white cake.

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