A Couple Served McDonald’s as Their Wedding Reception Meal—and the Internet Is Loving It

The bride and groom surprised their guests by having the fast food chain cater their post-ceremony dinner, which included all of the burgers from the menu.

A burger with lettuce, tomato, onions, and sauce on a wooden cutting board

Marko Jan / Getty Images

The food that you serve at your wedding reception can either make or break the party, which is why choosing the right caterer for your affair is an important step in the wedding-planning process. For Ophélie and Thomas Billaudeau, this choice was a no-brainer. At their post-ceremony celebration in Beauvais, France, on September 16, 2023, the newlyweds surprised their guests by revealing that McDonald’s would be catering their special dinner. The groom uploaded a video of the announcement, which has since gone viral on TikTok with 2.3 million views.

In the clip, Ophélie addressed her friends and family by saying, “Thank you very much, and so, I’ll let you discover tonight’s meal.” Before she revealed the caterer, one of the guests walked into the room, wearing a McDonald’s uniform and carrying two large bags of food. Upon seeing the clue, the group laughed and clapped. The bride then exclaimed the fast food chain’s French slogan, “Come as you are!” 

The newlyweds told People that they’ve always dreamed about curating a wedding menu with their favorite items from the McDonald's menu. “We had the idea because we are big fans of McDonald’s and jokingly said when we were younger that we would have McDonald’s cater our wedding,” Thomas said. “Eventually, we decided to go for it. People who know us weren’t surprised.”

To turn their vision into a reality, the duo decided to serve all of the burgers from the menu. However, they refrained from adding fries to the lineup because they didn’t want the side to get “cold and soggy,” according to Thomas. For dessert, they brought in another vendor: A pastry chef created their wedding cake, and the newlyweds also served additional sweets.

While speaking with French newspaper Le Parisien, Ophélie and Thomas said they expected a bit of backlash from their guests for serving McDonald’s at their wedding—even thought they had an intimate affair with 45 loved ones. “We were a little afraid of the reaction of certain aunts and uncles,” Ophélie admitted. “They had a little trouble at first, but everyone ate eventually.” Despite some reservations, most guests were excited about the caterer. “The guests were surprised, happy,” Thomas observed. “Some were initially hesitant, but everyone ended up loving it.”

Since McDonald's captured the bride and groom's relationship, it was the perfect choice for their nuptials, but Thomas said he doesn't necessarily recommend fast food for every couple's reception dinner. Instead, he explained that those getting married should make decisions that resonate with them. "I believe everyone should do what they want for their wedding as long as there's a good atmosphere and the guests enjoy themselves," he noted.

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